What's a Responsive Design?

What's a Responsive Design?

Mobile phones usage is increasing in everyday life. Having a website that’s capable of adapting to this new reality is now a must for a business.

As an example, we’ll use our blog. You can try to reduce your browser’s size.

As you can see, the content gets adapted to the size. The categories are now wrapped in a single icon and the article itself adapted too. This is called Responsive Design. It’s one of the solutions that improves your customer’s experience on your website .

This is a relatively recent solution. A few years ago, a LCD resolution, like 1024x768 pixels, would be enough to create a website, since accessing the internet meant it would be using a computer. But with the advancement of the technology, our devices got both smaller and bigger, like smartphones and 4k.

There are even more advantages if we use this kind of layout, like using a single URL for the website without na App or “m.example.com”. Also, it’s SEO friendly!

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